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Getting the Level 2 Basic Life Support & AED Usage Certification

Automated External Defibrillators

In the critical moments of a cardiac emergency, the knowledge and skills imparted by the Level 2 Basic Life Support & Safe Use of AED (RQF) course can be the difference between life and death. Offered by CR Training, this course equips individuals with the crucial techniques of basic life support (BLS) and the proficient […]

Prioritising Mental Health in the Construction Industry | CR Training

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Mental health is vital to the overall well-being of individuals, and the construction industry, in particular, has been experiencing a rise in mental health-related concerns among its workforce. Factors such as demanding physical work, tight deadlines, and high-pressure environments contribute to the increased prevalence of stress, anxiety, and depression in the sector. Consequently, addressing mental […]

How Effective is CPR for Cardiac Arrest?

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Sudden cessation of the heartbeat – also known as cardiac arrest – is a serious medical emergency. There is no question that cardiac arrest is among the leading causes of death, and immediate action is required in order to increase the chances of survival. One of the most important interventions for cardiac arrest is cardiopulmonary […]