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CR Training Solutions began in the August of 2019, with a passion to train individuals in the extremely important first aid field and encourage individuals to gain a better understanding of mental health. From the very start we have had a vision to provide affordable and high-quality training to a variety of customers across Scotland, helping to boost their skills and understanding in order to help the safety of others.

We are a top training provider in the Edinburgh area, offering many courses for customers to choose from. Courses are taught by our team of fully qualified and insured trainers, who are each individually motivated in providing the best support they possibly can to their clients.Throughout your training you will be providing with outstanding support which will encourage you to work hard and achieve your goals, ultimately leading you to successfully complete whichever qualification you have chosen.

Top Training Provider in the Edinburgh Area

CR Training Solutions aims to provide training in first aid as well as training courses in pre-hospital care, health and safety, personal safety, and the security industry to individuals. We also specialise in encouraging people to properly understand the importance of good mental health. Not just first aid training, we specialise in offering several courses to our customers with a passion to make them professional trainers to ensure the safety of other people. If you do security training like SIA door supervisor and a security guard with us, we will guarantee you a job with one of our corporate clients. People living in Scotland can receive the best quality training in the field of first aid at affordable course prices. Having been pioneering to provide training to Scotland people for approximately four years, our main objective is to keep the individuals safe by providing first aid when they need it in emergency situations.

With our extraordinary training solutions, people in Scotland enhance their understanding of first aid and skills by practising on other people who are in need. You will find us in the areas of Edinburgh as the top provider of first aid training with the options of different courses enabling our customers to select one of them. We incorporate a team of completely qualified and professional trainers who have the responsibility to provide the best first aid support to our customers. Our experienced trainers are motivated on a regular basis as we provide high-quality training on first aid. We encourage all our valuable customers to do hard work in life and accomplish the objective of life. This practice of ours will lead to the successful completion of the course you have chosen from CR Training Solutions.

Apart from first aid training, we ensure the personal safety of people by providing personal safety training courses to our customers, which include physical intervention, safeguarding legislation, and conflict management courses. You will also receive first aid qualifications that specialise in good mental health from our awareness and supervision programs. FREC 3 is a recognised course for achieving pre-hospital care for those people who need to build their careers in emergency services and ambulance services. In addition to such courses, our services range from generalised classes and training to advanced-level mental and pediatric health. By gaining training courses with us, we ensure that you will promote yourself as a knowledgeable and responsible individual who is ready to deliver excellent nationally regulated qualifications in your expertise subject.

You will find our expert trainers in the security industry as well. Our unique training courses include the SIA security guard and door supervisor courses. In such courses, you will be able to understand the roles and responsibilities of an individual and safety-critical advice to give first aid to people in incidents and emergencies. In the door supervisor course, you will also renew your license to continue your first aid services and ensure the safety of people. All our courses are designed in a way to guarantee the good health, safeguarding, and safety of all people residing in Scotland.

CR Training Solutions understand the needs of our trainers by providing an equally supportive and pleasant environment to guarantee that our employees fulfil their roles as per their abilities and skills. A healthy and good working environment in our training encourages our employees to promote mental health, which will reflect in our courses as well. We regularly make significant updates and changes within our courses to assure our customers that all the regulations related to the first aid sector are carefully followed. To offer unique and exceptional service to our customers, it is imperative to remain up to date with the required training developments and changes related to first aid and mental health.

Our Vision

We specialise with a vision to provide the best quality support and service through training courses to our individuals for safeguarding the lives of people residing in Scotland from incidents and emergencies. With CR Training Solutions, you will also receive support in getting a job in the corporate company on the completion of security training. Also, our support team is here to support you and answer all of your queries when you need us.

Our Mission

CR Training Solutions provides training solutions to our customers with a view to keeping Scotland’s society safe from incidents and emergencies by offering high-quality mental health and first aid.

Unique Courses Offered by CR Training Solutions

We provide some impressive courses that are specialised in offering optimum safety to people:

  • First Aid
  • Mental Health
  • Pre-Hospital Care
  • Security Industry
  • Health and Safety
  • Personal Safety

We take pride in giving training courses to our valuable customers in the areas of Edinburgh that are responsible for giving good and safe mental and pediatric health through our highly qualified first aid courses. Our unique certifications help you to stand out in the crowd as you can now become a crucial asset for the companies. We make the best possible efforts to spread necessary understanding and awareness related to the struggles of mental health that people in Scotland are suffering from. This is also our responsibility to emphasise on the importance of receiving the respect and support that our employees deserve to live in society. A high standard qualification could not be delivered and offered by CR Training Solutions without the incorporation of talented trainers on our team. We not only focus on the motivation and support of our customers but also ensure the same motivation and support to fully accomplish their job roles. Due to this reason, our employees provide an extraordinary level of training service to our customers.

CR Training Solutions assures the best quality training provider around the areas of Scotland for first aid classes and training. By joining our courses, we assure you that you will not get disappointed as we have incorporated an exceptional team of professional instructors. All our trainers are able to assist you in accomplishing your objectives and goals. Our customers can boost skills by learning in a comfortable and professional environment to complete the training journey in the first aid sector.

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