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FREC Level 3

First Response Emergency Care (FREC) is a regulated qualification that enables you to find a career in emergency services. This includes Ambulance services and other healthcare professions. Here at CR Training Solutions, we offer FREC 3 training which can be followed up by FREC 4,5 and 6 which can help learners become paramedics.

Our FREC instructors are qualified to provide the best training to save lives. The First Response Emergency Care is an important course to take if you’re aiming to become a paramedic.

FREC 3 Aims

The important aims that the FREC 3 course covers are:

  1. Enable learners to handle and attain knowledge of emergency situations before reaching the hospital.

  2. Demonstrates practical methods of administrating safe and prompt prehospital care.

  3. Treat and manage the situation on-site.

FREC 3 is not only meant for those aiming to work in the medical field. It is also a valuable skill to have for other people. Especially if you have someone to care for at home or are involved in community service which requires an essential emergency response.

At CR Training Solutions, among other courses, we offer the First Response Emergency Care to make sure everyone has access to basic training. If you’ve been looking for a FREC level 3 course near you for reasonable prices then look no further.

How long is the FREC 3 Course?

The first level FREC 3 course consists of 35 hours of learning. This is divided over a period of five full days of learning or smaller sessions that last for a minimum of two hours. Homework or reading and research may lead to an added 12 to 14 hours throughout the time period of the course.

Why is FREC 3 course important?

FREC level 3 has never been this needed. With the added pressure on the National Health Service, it is important to have a professional qualification that is quick and can be covered in a short amount of time. This course is the first step for all willing and wishing to lend a hand in prehospital care. The first responders are generally required to have professional training before they can lend a hand in the medical support our community needs.

Course Structure

Our team of professional instructors here at CR Training Solutions is aware of the responsibility on their shoulders to provide reliable and extremely accurate training. We do not offer courses to just tick off boxes. Our FREC 3 Course is broken up into 3 components:

  1. Pre-course training. This includes self study which the participants are encouraged to take part in through manuals and books.

  2. 35 hours of guided contact training with hands on experience.

  3. Post-course development. This includes help with the compulsory 118 hours of self study and logged working hours.

Our training allows students to complete their placements and make use of the skills they learned in real life situations.

Enquire about and apply for the FREC 3 course today to become part of a community of medics working alongside the NHS to make for a safer country.


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