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Training room requirements

Your training room needs to be of adequate size for the training you have requested. This means a floor space the size of a king bed should be available for each pair of delegates in attendance, there should be enough room for half the delegates to lay down and roll over on the floor. Chairs should be available for all delegates/trainer and large furniture removed to provide adequate floor space – this includes board room tables, this is to complete any practical elements necessary

Your venue should be a public building or a school. We are not able to train at a residential address such as a house or flat. – There should be enough space to place a double bed per 2 delegates. This ensures that there is enough space for delegates to conduct the practical elements of the course (for first aid & security courses only) – Chairs should be available 1 per delegate.

All furniture must be movable and not impact on the training course – The room should be private and free from outside distraction, unless agreed with us at the time of booking the course – The room should be carpeted, or have mats available as delegates will be kneeling and laying on the floor at points throughout the course (dependent on course) – Appropriate space to set up a digital projector, if applicable, and clear wall space to project this image – Premises should be compliant with the 2005 disability discrimination act – Suitable lighting – Adequate ventilation and an appropriate temperature for the season – Toilet facilities – Venue should be open to the trainer 30 minutes before the course starts.

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We offer in-house and on-site training for all of our courses at your premises, workplace, school or community group.

  • This is a cost effective and time efficient way of training your staff. No more travel costs and discounts for group bookings.
  • Our training can be tailored to your needs and the environment you work in
  • All our courses are regulated by Ofqual and the SQA giving you the peace of mind that your staff are being trained to the relevant standards.
  • This is flexible for the needs of your organisation. This can be done on any day, time, and location of your choice.

Delegate requirements

Delegates are advised to wear appropriate, comfortable clothing for practical activities such as kneeling over casualties and acting as the casualty during the course (this would be for first aid courses only) – Should arrive at least 15 minutes before the course starts (unless advised otherwise) – Should be aware that if they arrive late for a course or are absent for any session, we reserve the right to refuse to accept them for training.

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