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CR Training Solutions provide FREC 3 training courses in the UK at reasonable prices. For further information, Call us on 0131 210 0124!

FREC course

First Response Emergency Care or FREC 3 is a regulated course endorsed by CR Training Solutions. FREC 3 training courses in the UK facilitate an effective and safe environment during prehospital emergency care. People complete their training within 5 days, where they will learn about prehospital care emergencies. In this course, learners manage catastrophic bleeding, patient’s airway, and fractures in the patients.

Traumatic injuries and shocks have also been taken into consideration by our FREC 3 trainers, where employees work in injured-prone workplaces. People with CPR problems need to get first aid urgently. We provide the best course to our trainers and help them to work in conflict situations where all the trainers have different perspectives on giving first-aid to the patient.

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