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If you want to work in the private security industry, you have to get an SIA license. A security personnel’s job encompasses the following:

  • A safe way to make a living.
  • An exciting way to help people.
  • A stepping stone to a better job.

No matter what you decide, getting SIA approved can lead you to success. The following are a few steps to obtaining your SIA Door Supervisor license.

Choosing to work in security and safety:

There aren’t many barriers to entry, and it’s pretty easy to get into the business. Most of the time, there needs to be a minimum of Level 1 English which is achieved on day 1 of the course, but having an excellent general education would be helpful. In addition, employers will look at your personal and work history from up to ten years ago, and you will need to tell them if you have ever been convicted of a crime.

Choose a good place to get training.

After deciding that a job in security is right for you, the next step is to choose the SIA course and provider you want to use to get certified. There are a lot of companies that offer courses on everything from first aid to fire safety. The SIA Door Supervisor license is the most flexible SIA license because it allows you to work in most places.

 Here at CR Training, we will not only help you achieve your certificate, but with our extensive ties to the security industry, we will be able to help you find work.

Sign up for the appropriate course:

After training, people who want to work in the private security industry in the UK can get a qualification recognized by the government. With this license, people can work in places like corporate buildings, shopping centres, retail stores, residential sites, construction sites, schools, hospitals, banks, nightclubs, pubs, hotels, bars, stadiums, movie theatres, and any other place with an entertainment and alcohol license.

Now that you have met the requirements, it’s time to get your license approved:

Well done! You now have your  SIA license linked qualification and your First Aid Certificate. What’s next? You can apply for an SIA License . To obtain an SIA license, this is what you need to do. Fill out the online SIA license application. It costs £190 to start a license application. A few sections of your SIA application, for instance, your photo ID, will require you to prove who you are. The Post Office is the best place for this. The SIA will do your background check and make sure you are who you say you are. If you have lived abroad for 6 months or more, you may need to show proof. Then, your license will come in the mail.

A license from the SIA to be a door supervisor is valid for three years. This means that you can now apply for jobs in the industry. Currently, the security industry is concise on workers, and there is a lot of demand in the job market. We understand that applying for a license can be daunting. As part of our commitment to you, we will support you through the application process.


If you get an SIA Approved Door Supervisor or SIA Approved Security Guard Operative license, you will automatically get a job interview to work for one of our cooperate clients.

Final thoughts:

SIA licenses are official proof that the person holding the job is “fit and proper” and has been trained to the minimum industry standards by a government-approved license-linked training course. They also show that the person is qualified to do all of the duties that come with the job.

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