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Consider blended learning when your team needs to learn first aid

As we know, first aid training is imperative in the workplace, but what can be hard is finding the time to schedule in the training. With more of us working from home than ever before, we’ve had to adapt how we work and learn, and now we’re seeing more people benefit from the blended learning approach.

Quite simply, blended learning is a way to learn both online and in the classroom, and with it comes freedom and flexibility. With our blended learning first aid courses, you’ll get a mix of instructor-led classroom training with online content, which will result in a qualification at the very end.

With this flexible approach to learning first aid, you’ll get a combination of high quality classroom training alongside videos and content that is informative and engaging.When we compare blended learning to classroom only courses, we’ve found that it works out cheaper when you factor in travel costs and expenses, not to mention the convenience of being able to keep your team in house as they learn.

Better yet, this approach is more environmentally friendly and helps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure.For those that wish to benefit from our blended learning first aid courses, we can offer the following:


3 day First Aid at Work

- Day 1- 6 hours online learning
- Days 2&3 –on site with a trainer

2 days First Aid at Work Requalification

- Day 1 - 6 hours online learning
- Day 2-on site with a trainer

2-day Paediatric First Aid

- Day 1 - 6 hours online learning
- Day 2 - on site with a trainer

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