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In any workplace, safety should always come first. Navigating the complex field of health and safety regulations and industry standards is crucial for the continuity and success of your staff. It’s here where the expertise of CR Training Solutions makes the real difference. As an accredited and reliable health and safety consultancy company, we bridge the gap between safety protocols and practical applications in businesses across multiple industries.

Our proficiency lies in offering highly professional and tailor-made health and safety consultancy services that align with your unique business needs. With us, you do more than just meet the basic legal requirements. We pave the way for you to foster a culture of safety in your organisation and thereby, increase operational efficiency, reduce injuries, mitigate risk and foster a safer work environment.

If you’re a business owner or director who doesn’t have the time to worry about whether or not your workplace is safe and whether or not all of your legal requirements are being fulfilled, let us handle it so you can concentrate on running your company. We’re here to help you meet all of your health and safety benchmarks. Schedule a conversation with one of our specialists to go through your requirements today!


In line with our commitment to being a top-tier provider, we maintain a proactive approach, staying abreast with industry developments and regulations. At CR Training Solutions & Consultancy in Edinburgh, our health and safety consultancy is about safeguarding your employees, your assets, and your business’s reputation. And beyond that, it is about boosting your company’s resilience in the face of potential hazards and risks within the workplace.

Welcome To A New Era Of Safety And Success With CR Training Solutions & Consultancy

where integrity, professionalism and a commitment to your safety fuel our everyday operations. Understanding the Diverse Aspects of Health and Safety Consultancy

At CR Training Solutions, we understand the breadth and depth of health and safety regulations governing the workplace. Our broad spectrum of safety consultancy services caters to the diverse needs of your business operations—from understanding legalities to implementing safety training, conducting risk assessments, and more. Guiding you through the labyrinth of legal obligations, our expert professionals break down complicated guidelines into easy-to-follow practices—all tailored to your unique needs. Right from management regulations, traffic management, fire safety, and manual handling, to site-specific risk assessments—we have you covered.

Proficiency Backed by Unparalleled Experience

Our consultants in Edinburgh are equipped with decades of experience in many fields. The insights they have gathered and their acumen make them adept at providing invaluable guidance on safety matters.

At CR Training, we offer comprehensive services, such as:

We will design, review & implement a Health & Safety Management System that is tailored to your site.

We will carry out a full inspection of your premises to ensure you are meeting your statutory requirements. 

If you have over 5 employees it is your legal responsibility to conduct a fire risk assessment of your premises. We will provide a comprehensive risk assessment.

We can provide you with a templated DSE Risk Assessment for your staff complete. We can also help review these and advise of any changes that need to be made. 

Although we may be coming out of the recent Global Pandemic of Covid 19 some health care settings require a COVID 19 Risk Assessment. We can supply a comprehensive assessment for you.

COSHH is the law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health and includes nanomaterials. You can prevent or reduce workers’ exposure to hazardous substances. We can provide CoSHH assessments for you. 

Stress management programs teach workers about the nature and sources of stress, the effects of stress on health, and personal skills to reduce stress-for example, time management or relaxation exercises.

We know that not every building is the same or faces the same Health & Safety issues. Our team of Experts have extensive experience working within the healthcare setting.

We will design and implement a Safe System of Work including permit to work systems for your staff and contractors. This will be tailored to your site. 

We will assist you in investigating accidents and incidents. We will also review your current policies and procedures and make recommendations of changes.

More than anything, our team is passionate about ensuring safety. Their commitment gets reflected in their relentless pursuit of keeping themselves updated with evolving industry practices and legislations. Equipped with the latest know-how, our consultants are well-
positioned to help your business stay one step ahead.

Customised Solutions for Enhanced Safety Compliance

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work in the realm of safety. CR Training Solutions firmly believes in devising customised solutions that are perfectly aligned with your business model and specific requirements.

We begin by understanding your industry’s intricacies, potential areas of risk, workforce composition, training needs, and more. Our team then formulates robust health and safety strategies that stand the test of real-world challenges and deliver enduring results.

In doing so, we ensure greater compliance that goes beyond ticking checkboxes. Our solutions are realistic, executable and adaptable to changing dynamics of your workplace, fostering safety and growth side-by-side.

Strengthening Your Foundation with Continuous Support

At CR Training Solutions, support does not end with strategy formulation. We stand by you throughout the implementation phase, extending support where you need it the most. Be it organising safety training workshops, assisting with documentation or conducting on-site audits,
we are there.

Additionally, we provide ongoing advisory services in sync with the changing needs of your workplace. We understand that safety parameters evolve as a workplace changes or when unexpected situations are encountered. Therefore, our assistance is dynamic, just like the
environments you operate in.

Unravelling the Potential of Safety Consultancy

Through our health and safety Consultancy, we bring to you more than guidance—we bring a complete safety mindset to your operations. A mindset that sees safety measures not as a legal compulsion but as a key driver for operational success, a mindset that prioritises human lives and values over mere compliance. This is the CR Training Solutions promise—a partnership that goes above and beyond regulatory requirements, a partnership leading to a safer, stronger future in your specific industry.


Our continuous pursuit to keep updated with the latest industry trends, regulations, and best practices solidifies our position at the helm of safety consultancy in multiple industries. Join us on this journey to safety excellence, and let us navigate the often complex terrain of Health and Safety Consultancy in Edinburgh, providing you with the necessary tools and techniques for a safe, compliant, and successful workplace.

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