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At CR Training, we pride ourselves on being your reliable, accredited, and professional training and consultancy service provider. Our extensive range of training courses is carefully designed to develop personal skills, elevate workforce proficiency, and meet your organisation’s requirements. 


We understand the varying needs of different individuals, teams, and industries. That’s why we have crafted our on-site training solutions, a flexible, tailored, and convenient way to gain the competencies you need without needing to leave your workplace or disrupt normal operations.

What is On-Site Training?

Our on-site training services provide customised, high-quality educational courses delivered directly to your premises. With hands-on sessions led by experienced industry trainers, we bring our expertise and support to your doorstep – saving you both time and travel expenses. We work diligently to accommodate your operational deadlines and team scheduling requirements to ensure minimum disruption to your business, making the on-site training experience a beneficial solution for your employees and company alike.

The Benefits of On-Site Training

  1. Customised Content: At CR Training, we recognise that every workplace is different, and thus every training need is unique. Our on-site training programmes are customised to address the specific issues, challenges, and goals of your team, ensuring the education they receive is relevant, targeted, and valuable.


  1. Expert Trainers: Our experienced trainers possess industry-specific expertise and years of practical application, making them the perfect fit to deliver comprehensive training courses at your workplace. Their hands-on approach goes beyond theoretical learning to fully prepare your team for real-life challenges.


  1. Improved Team Cohesion: Instead of sending select employees to external training events, offering development opportunities within your workplace can strengthen team dynamics. With our training programmes delivered at your premises, your employees can learn collectively, fostering rapport building, collaboration, and problem solving.


  1. Convenience: By conducting sessions at your chosen location, you minimise the time and effort spent travelling to off-site locations. We coordinate with you on the ideal timings to avoid conflicts with your daily operations, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable learning experience for your team.


  1. Cost-effective: Group training sessions allow you to train multiple employees at the same time while only investing in a single trainer. This split system provides a lower cost per employee compared to enrolling each individual at a separate training event.

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Our On-Site Training Courses

At CR Training, we offer a diverse range of on-site training courses to suit your business needs, some of which include:


– Health and Safety

– Construction

– First Aid

– Mental Health First Aid

– Pre-Hospital Care


If you have specific training needs not covered by our existing courses, our expert trainers will collaborate with you to develop and deliver a tailored programme that tackles the critical areas of improvement and development for your team.

Why Choose CR Training

At CR Training, we understand that developing and maintaining the skills of your workforce is an ongoing investment, and we are committed to making that investment worthwhile. As an accredited training provider, you can trust us to always deliver high-quality, comprehensive, and up-to-date training. Our team of experienced trainers, combined with our on-site training solutions, are the perfect partners to help you achieve your business goals.


Ready to take the next step in your team’s professional development? Request a quote or schedule a consultation with one of our experts to begin customising the ideal on-site training programme for your organisation. Contact us to discuss your needs and let CR Training bring the perfect training package to your doorstep.

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